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Based on advanced neuro and bio technology, NeuroMaker has created a real-world educational experience for AI.

  • Socially conscious engineering
  • Embedded social emotional learning 
  • Affordable 
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Real world relevance
  • Interdisciplinary Perspective
  • Integrated Assessments

leading industry stem EDUCATION FOR K12

Authentic and Cross Disciplinary Learning

Our materials are designed to bring in cross discipline knowledge and skills into tangible results. Students can create their own self-guided projects, creating an engaged and balanced learning experience.

Cover Topics Relating to Assistive Technology

NeuroMaker students are constantly engaged in the world of assistive technology assisting people with different abilities.

Bring BCI Technology To Your Classroom

NeuroMaker BCI curriculum provides a series of different options to interact with BCI technology. Engage students with real world applications that combine BCI, machine learning, and data science.