Academic Materials

NeuroMaker materials have been enjoyed by thousands of students around the world! Here you will find materials that will detail the learning standards, case studies, academic plans and more necessary to evaluate and operate the NeuroMaker System.

National Learning Standards Alignment

NeuroMaker curriculum aligns with NGSS, CSTA, AI4K12, ISTE and respective state standards. For a module by module breakdown of each curriculum module, please reference the following document below or view the original Google Doc here.

State Standards Alignment

NeuroMaker is aligned with multiple state standards across CTE, STEM and digital literacy spaces.

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CTE Standards  
CAD Mechanical Design10-12High
Electronics 110-12Moderate
Energy and Power Technology10-12Moderate
Engineering Capstone10-12High
Engineering Principles 110-12High
Engineering Technology10-12High
Exploring Technology10-12High
Manufacturing Principles 110-12Moderate
Materials Science10-12Low
Medical Technology10-12High
STEM Concepts1-12High
Academic Standards: California Computer Science Standards
Algorithms and Programming6-8High
Algorithms and Programming9-12High
Computing Systems6-8High
Computing Systems9-12Moderate
Data & Analysis6-8High
Data & Analysis9-12High
Impacts of Computing6-8High
Impacts of Computing9-12High
Networks and the Internet6-8Moderate
Networks and the Internet9-12Low
Class NameAlignment
130.402. Principles of Applied Engineering (One Credit)High
130.403. Principles of Biosciences (One Credit)Moderate
130.404. Principles of Technology (One Credit)Moderate
130.408. Robotics I (One Credit)High
130.409. Robotics II (One Credit)Moderate
130.410. Engineering Design and Presentation I (One Credit)High
130.411. Engineering Design and Presentation II (Two Credits)High
130.412. Engineering Design and Problem Solving (One Credit)High
130.417. Scientific Research and Design (One Credit)Moderate
130.418. Practicum in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Two Credits)High
130.420. Fundamentals of Computer Science (One Credit)High
Computer Science6High
Computer Science7Moderate
Computer Science8High
Computer Science9-12 (Foundations)Moderate
Computer Science9-12 (Advanced)Low
Information and Communication Technology9-12Moderate
Society and Technology9-12High
Design and Technology9-12High
CTE Standards 
STEM Career ClusterHigh
Michigan CS Standards Upper ElementaryHigh
Michigan CS Standards 6-8Moderate
Michigan CS Standards 9-10Moderate
Engineering TechnologyModerate
CTE-TECHED.68.AGBIO Agriculture and Biomedical6-8Low
CTE-TECHED.68.ELCTEC Electronics Technology6-8Moderate
CTE-TECHED.68.ENGTEC Engineering Technology6-8High
CTE-TECHED.68.ENTEC Engineering and Technology6-8High
CTE-TECHED.68.MANTEC Manufacturing Technology6-8Moderate
CTE-TECHED.68.ROBTEC Robotics Technology6-8High
6-12 CT Tech Ed Standards  
STEM Education Knowledge and Skills1-12Moderate
Nature of Technology6-8High
Impact of Technology6-8High
Design and Development (Engineering)6-8High
Architecture Technology9-12Low
Automotive Technology9-12Low
Building Construction9-12Low
Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)9-12Moderate
Digital Media Production9-12Low
Engineering Technology9-12Moderate
Graphic Design Technology9-12Low
Transportation Technology9-12Low
Wood Technology9-12Low
Computing Systems2-12High
Networks and Internet2-12Low
Impacts and Computing2-12High
Algorithms and Processing2-12High
Engineering Design2-12High
Interaction of Technology and Humans2-12High
Nature of Technology2-12High
Effects of Technology on the World2-12Moderate
Ethics and Culture2-12High

Search “NeuroMaker” to review the state approved MA DESE curriculum standards alignment of the NeuroMaker Applied AI and NeuroMaker BCI modules: 2021 Digital Literacy and Computer Science Guide for Massachusetts Districts

Case Studies and Implementation Plans

Lexington 1 School District, South Carolina

Lexington 1 used the NeuroMaker Hand for a full eighth grade STEM learning semester and received NeuroMaker Challenge Awards.

Vinci Robotics Academy, Massachusetts

Vinci Robotics Academy afterschool center conducted 3 separate hybrid learning and in person enrichment programs.

Holyoke Community College, Massachusetts

Holyoke Community College conducted a multi-week summer enrichment STEM program for accelerated youth at the high school level.

Multiple Academic Programs, New England

Enclosed in the document are a series of different use cases of the NeuroMaker Hand in multiple learning environments.

Learning Plans and Remote Readiness

The NeuroMaker Hand has been used from one day to full semester programs in middle and high schools in remote, hybrid and all in person learning environments. For a glance at classroom implementation strategies, please see our implementation guide below or view the original Google Doc here.