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Commonly Asked Questions


The NeuroMaker STEM Kit can typically perform 30 assembly and disassembly processes.
It is recommended that 2 students use the set at one time for best learning outcomes.
Assembly by a group of two students takes approximately two to four 50 minute class sessions. Most students complete assembly during their third session. Disassembly takes approximately 25 minutes and a fold out board is included with purchase to ensure that parts stay together in the set.
This is where your learning begins! After assembly of your set, investigate the 7 curriculum modules covering Biotech, Programming, Artificial Intelligence and more. You may also join our NeuroMaker Creative Challenge and submit your own proposal to our engineering team. View these items on our product and NeuroMaker Challenge pages.
The NeuroMaker STEM set has been used by learners as young as 10 years old and as old as 18. We recommend this set is used for 6th to 12th grade learning solutions.
The NeuroMaker STEM set fits into its original packaging in the fully built and fully disassembled state. Students do not need to modify their sets to make them ready for storage.
NeuroMaker will be releasing a series of different accessories to enable students to investigate Neuroscience, Brain Machine Interfaces, additional programming languages and more. Please sign up to our email channels and follow our Instagram @neuromakerstem to stay updated.


NeuroMaker STEM Base sets are covered by a 30 day purchase return window and 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.
Please contact with any curriculum, product or sales concerns.
Commonly lost and damaged materials are organized into repair sets and are available for purchase. 3D printing files for commonly lost finger digits are available with the purchase of a NeuroMaker STEM set.


All curriculum is available for free with the purchase of a STEM kit! No additional purchase is necessary.
As of this writing, the BrainCo STEM Kit comes with 6 different curriculum modules providing over 36 different 50 minute class sessions. We additionally provide all users of the kit access to our open design competition, the NeuroMaker Creative Challenge. Students and educators that take advantage of all of our units and the creative challenge can fill a full 18 week daily STEM class schedule.
Yes! We provide the 3D printing files to the digits of the STEM Kit that may be modified and customized to your liking. 3D printing files are available in your accessible materials portal shared with you post purchase.
The STEM Kit curriculum is aligned with different CSTA, NGSS, AI4K12 and ISTE standards. For a full scopes and sequences overview, please contact us and we will provide it.
The NeuroMaker STEM kit is used in STEM, Engineering Design, Biotech, Biology, Programming, CS and other relevant courses. It has been implemented as a full semester or module within an existing class structure.
We are always thrilled to hear our users creating new ways to interact with our kit! If you are interested in using your own experiences to augment other users experience, please contact us.
Yes! We have developed multiple resources educators can use to get the most experience of our offering in a remote environment. Please visit our product page for a walkthrough of our distance learning plans and resources.

Programming and Compatibility

As of this writing, our programming environment is compatible with Apple, Windows and Chrome operating systems.
Yes, students can create an mBlock account to save their code and access it on any compatible device.
As of this writing, the NeuroMaker STEM Base set can be programmed using mBlock's block based programming system or can be programmed in C++.
In order to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted connection, the NeuroMaker STEM kit is connected via a USB wired connection.

Get Involved

Yes! We are constantly developing more classes, products and innovative educational approaches. Please contact us to see if we have any available items.
Please follow our instagram page @neuromakerstem and sign up for our email list for the latest promotions and announcements.

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