NeuroMaker engages students with authentic learning frameworks.

Encouraging the next generation of students to take on the world’s biggest problems.

Our curriculum delivers more than 100 hours of engaging instructional content that aligns with selected CSTA, NGSS, CC, ISTE and other national standards.

NeuroMaker HAND

Build, Code, Create, and Discover with real-world technology. 

Now you can open a world of STEM opportunities in the classroom or remote learning settings. The NeuroMaker HAND activity set introduces students from middle and high school to advanced concepts in bio and neurosciences, programming and artificial intelligence, mechanical and electrical engineering, 3D printing and more.


NeuroMaker BCI

The World’s First Brain-Computer Interface STEM Kit. 

Introduce your students to the cutting-edge world of BCI technology with our powerful, accessible STEM learning platform. NeuroMaker BCI combines a precise EEG headband with dozens of activities for neuroscience, machine learning, signal processing, as well as the ethics and impact of the technology in society.


The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge

Registration in the NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is free for any student team that has purchased the NeuroMaker Hand or NeuroMaker BCI from an approved sales channel.

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is an annual, open design competition for Middle and High School students which runs twice a year, in June and December, to coincide with the spring and fall semesters.

In 2020, finalists were chosen from around the United States who submitted projects surrounding assisting the limb different community with prosthetics technology.

  • 64% of high school level participants female, 36% male
  • 42% of total participants female, 58% male
  • Over $4,500 awarded to high school and middle school students to develop biomedical tech solutions
  • Over 80% of participants represented underserved STEM students in urban and rural communities
  • 100% representation from remote learning environments

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