Back to School, Back to Engagement Series

Calling all STEM educators, tech enthusiasts, newcomers, and leaders. Back-to-school season is now, and we ALL need a hand. A call to learning is a call to engagement. We want to invite you to a series of discussions on the future of STEM innovation in the classroom.

Our Series will cover a wide variety of topics such as Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology, STEM Pathways, and 21st-century skills.

We are not stopping there. NeuroMaker will be giving away its solutions to a select few at the end of each discussion in order to move the STEM revolution forward. The series is FREE for all educators to join. Sign up below for each session and follow us on social media, and share your #WEARESTEM story on LinkedIn, on Instagram and on Twitter.

Stay tuned for upcoming groundbreaking announcements…

Find the Topics You are Looking for!

The Line Up


Diversity and inclusion is the future of ensuring equity for all in the world of STEM. Join NeuroMaker Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships Joshua Varela as he outlines the DEI landscape of STEM education and how these goals have been achieved with partner schools around the nation.

STEM is everywhere, but not for everyone; how do we change that?


Artificial Intelligence

My students can learn Artificial Intelligence that can actually HELP our society? Yes they can! Join NeuroMaker product manager Andrew Bannish as he shows how middle and high school students have applied artificial intelligence into the control of prosthetic limbs! Teaching strategies, fun teaching tools and curriculum standards alignment will also be shared with all attendees.

It’s here, and we need to talk about it.


Assistive Technology

Is your current STEM program covering topics relating to Assistive Technology?

Globally, more than 1 billion people need 1 or more assistive products, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, and prosthetics.  Without assistive technology, people are often excluded and isolated.

Through NeuroMaker, they’ll focus on answering questions such as 

  • What are the protocols used for Biomedical engineers to create a certified prosthetic?
  • How do I design and create materials to wear and test my model prosthetic?
  • What other design choices can I make to improve the life quality of those needing assistive technology?

Join us on October 6th to discuss Assistive Technology and how NeuroMaker can help you engage students in these larger conversations.

Pave Your Pathway

Making STEM work for our students is about connecting their interests and passions with pathways into real opportunities and careers. What pathways are unique to assistive technology and Brain Computer Interface? How do academic programs connect with opportunities both into college and into the workforce? How can we better connect actions in the classroom with other real world experiences?

We’d like to discuss these questions and hear some of your experiences and questions as well! Chat with NeuroMaker product manager Andrew Bannish as he sets the scene in US pathway programs and shows what new trends are in place.

Building new innovative programs for your community—-no matter how big or small

Beyond 21st Century Skills

We’ve heard of 21st century skills and multiple different standards attached to them. As well as that is, how do we show those skills in the real world to invigorate student engagement and skill assessments? 

Join NeuroMaker Product Manager Andrew Bannish as he lays out the real world skills that made an actual AI prosthetic help people around the world and how you can display these skills to your students!

The future of the workforce is now.

NeuroMaker: Be a Part of the Journey

Discover the NeuroMaker Way! Join the NeuroMaker Team as they host a roundtable discussing the top ways a technology company is seeking to revolutionize the way STEM is taught around the country. Our topics will include

  • How to bring authentic STEM learning into the classroom
  • How to engage more female students into STEM education and careers
  • How to work with real world engineers from anywhere in the world
  • How to scale up your STEM educational practices from small to big
  • How to create a STEM learning environment from the beginning of high school to the end of high school
  • How to be eligible for $10,000 in seed funding for your students’ projects!

Build, Code, Create and Discover

Discover the NeuroMaker way…with a twist! See Andrew answer the same fundamental questions as the webinar above with live brain data coming from our very own BCI Connect software to see which questions engage him the most.