Engage Your Students in the perfect Enrichment and After School Program!

Give your students the gift of STEM this summer. Engage your students in real-world robotics, computer science, and AI with built-in Social-Emotional Learning, training and onboarding for a reasonable price.

If your district is looking for a truly innovative STEM solution this upcoming summer and after school, NeuroMaker has a solution:

The NeuroMaker HAND Engagement bundle for after school programs!

This discounted bundle will include the following:

  • 10 NeuroMaker HANDS, (perfect for any school activity & ready to support 20-30 students)
  • 1 planning session with our implementation team
  • 1 virtual live training session with our Professional Development team 
  • 100 hours of diverse STEM curriculum
  • Entry to our NeuroMaker Creative Challenge Capstone Competition

Total cost $4,999.99

Save $1,000

Deal ends Dec. 31, 2021

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