Build, Code, Create and Discover with Real World Technology

Included in Every NeuroMaker HAND Set

Reusable Hardware

Each set is reusable and contains ready to build electrical, mechanical and programming elements.

Full Curriculum Access

Full curriculum access is available with the purchase of your kit. No licenses or recurring fees required.

In Browser Programming

Program in browser with block and text based programming options.

Full Competition Access

Each set is eligible for free registration into the remote friendly NeuroMaker Creative Challenge.

Reusable Hardware

Microcontrollers, servo motors, scissors, tendon wires, structural plates, a remote controller, electrical wires and more included to build right out of the box.

In Browser Programming

Bridge the gap between block based, text based programming and Artificial Intelligence enabled programs. The NeuroMaker Hand set utilizes mBlock, a powerful in browser programming tool to add programming to tactile educational experiences.

NeuroMaker HAND Curriculum Modules

Derived from real world prosthetics technology, the NeuroMaker HAND curriculum is organized into interchangeable modules providing over 100 hours of instructional content. All curriculum is available at no extra charge for any NeuroMaker HAND purchasers.

Project Guided Assembly

Module 1: Project Guided Assembly

Investigate mechanical and electrical engineering concepts through the assembly of a mechanical hand.


Module 2: Biotech and Biomedical Exploration

Investigate biomedical and biotech concepts ranging from advanced prosthetics to the future of brain machine interfaces.


Engineering Design

Module 3: Engineering Design

Explore the engineering design process via hands on and conceptual redesigns of prosthetics technology.


Life and Physical Sciences

Module 4: Life and Physical Sciences

Introduce prosthetics and biomedical engineering into lab science classes like Biology, Physics and Health.


Introduction to Programming

Module 5: Introduction to Programming

Learn how to program using block-based programming software, mBlock, to control your Neuromaker HAND.


Applied Artificial Intelligence

Module 6: Applied Artificial Intelligence

Learn AI4K12 standard Artificial Intelligence fundamentals and use them to create AI powered prosthetics technology.


Module 7: Prosthetics 3D Printing Exploration

Explore different biomechanical motions and structures by modifying digits, arm holders and other structural pieces of your set inspired by real prosthetist examples.

Standards Aligned

NeuroMaker Hand curriculum aligns with selected CSTA, NGSS, CC, ISTE and other national standards. NeuroMaker Hand curriculum also fulfils state level CTE and STEM standards. For an example of our Middle School STEM CTE alignment in Indiana, please download our report below.


Remote Friendy Challenge

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is conducted completely online and requires no additional registration.

Google Drive Friendly

All curriculum assets have been modified to Google Slides and Documents for easy Google Classroom integration.

Cleaning Checklists

Safety checklists and best in person practices are availble with our build materials.

Cloud App and Saving Options

In browser programming options provide mobile saving and log in portals.

Extend the Use of Your NeuroMaker Hand

NeuroMaker Hand Repair Kit

The NeuroMaker Hand Repair Kit provides additional consumables and spares of the most commonly used parts to extend the use of the NeuroMaker Hand. Each repair kit is designed to assist the use of two to three NeuroMaker Hands.


1 Box of 50 Type B Screw

2 Strips of 3M tape

5 Big hinge pieces

9 Small hinge pieces

4 Corner brackets

10 Servo motor arms (including type B mounting screws)

1 Black support latch

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