NeuroMaker HAND Set Up

There are build, coding and curriculum materials available for your NeuroMaker Hand! Please review the following resources to enable the correct set up of your hardware.

Building Your Hardware

You can build your NeuroMaker Hand with the PDF build guide located in the button below. Please note, the following resources will also be required to complete the build of each NeuroMaker Hand:

  • Four AA Batteries
  • One 9V Battery

Programming Your Materials

The NeuroMaker Hand is programmed with mBlock, a powerful web based programming environment that comes with customized NeuroMaker Hand control functions. mBlock is available for Chrome, iOS and Windows Operating Systems. Once you have completed the build of your NeuroMaker HAND, you can start programming with the materials below:

NeuroMaker HAND Google Slides Programming Set Up

Google Slides Introduction to Programming Set Up

NeuroMaker HAND PDF Programming Set Up

Downloadable PDF for Programming Set Up

Introduction to Programming

Discover Your Resources

Did you know there are over 50 hours of curriculum, a Creative Challenge to submit your projects to real engineers and connections to real Brain Computer Interface technology available with your NeuroMaker Hand? You can find all of this and more in our full resource directory below.

Remember to use materials compatible with your NeuroMaker HAND!