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NeuroMaker STEM Curriculum Modules

The NeuroMaker curriculum will address each school’s immediate STEM need and become a part of the long term mission of each school and pathway. Our curriculum delivers more than 100 hours of engaging instructional content that aligns with selected CSTA, NGSS, CC, ISTE, and other national standards.  See below for curriculum modules.

NeuroMaker HAND Curriculum Overview

Unlike other STEM products, ALL of our Curriculum is included with purchase. 100+ hours of interdisciplinary content for educators to pick and choose what you need.  The NeuroMaker HANDccurriculum is separated into seven course modules, each mirroring one focus area of the creation of the BrainRobotics prosthetic hand.

 Available units/modules
  • Project Guided Assembly
  • Engineering Design
  • Biotech and Biomedical Exploration
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Applied AI
  • Prosthetics 3D Printing Exploration
  • Student projects

NeuroMaker BCI Curriculum Overview

Just like our NeuroMaker HAND, our standards-aligned Curriculum is included with purchase. 20+ hours of content and constantly adding.

 Available units/modules
  • Course Introduction Lesson

    1: NeuroMaker BCI 101 Lesson

    2: Setting Up Your Technology NeuroMaker

    Introduction to EEG Lesson

    1: Neuroscience Fundamentals Lesson

    2: EEG Fundamentals Lesson

    3: EEG Artifacts Lesson

    4: Attention and Meditation Lab Lesson

    5: Neurofeedback Lab

  • Brain Computer Interface and Machine Learning Lesson

    1: Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning Lesson

    2: Machine Learning in Python Lesson

    3: Cleaning Machine Learning Data Sets Lesson

    4: Attention Classifier Lesson

    5: Comprehensive Classification

    Impact and Ethics Lesson

    1: Introduction to Neuroethics Lesson

    2: Introduction to an Open Sourced World