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We Got You.

We understand teaching because we were teachers.

We build our materials as if we were using them with our own class, because you deserve a program that is as ready to go as you are.

How We Support You and Your District

Student Engagement

If students aren’t engaged, you can’t teach. It’s that simple. Our student-lead experiences bring real-world scenarios and hands-on activities into your classroom, exposing students to engineering design, artificial intelligence implementation, coding, and other critical, high-demand skills. With students reinvigorated in the learning process, you’ll spend less time managing behavior and more time fostering growth.

Equitable Access Design

STEM experience is critical to academic and career success. Unfortunately, systemic barriers to access can prevent groups of students from engaging in rigorous experiences and gaining crucial skills. We’re here to change that. Our affordable hardware and complimentary curriculum infuse core subjects with an interdisciplinary-edge while providing students with experiences that focus on real-world applications.

Data-Driven Mental Wellness

NeuroMaker’s BCI and companion FocusCalm App support mental and emotional wellbeing through guided meditation and focus activities, giving students and teachers the opportunity to reflect and practice awareness with real-time brainwave data.

World-Class Support

Because we believe that educators deserve high-quality, relevant, and flexible learning opportunities, we offer both live and asynchronous professional development covering a variety of interesting and relevant topics, including Girls in STEM, Career Connections, and Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Industry-Specific Student Experiences

Our project-based curriculum is designed to provide students with industry-centric skills that translate to interest in emerging and future careers. Students collaborate with peers to examine real-world problems, generate innovative solutions, and develop 21st century skills such as communication, critical thinking, flexibility, productivity, global awareness, and independence.