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NeuroMaker Professional Development


Training can begin shortly after registration. There’s no need to coordinate schedules or be constrained to a 9-5 training day.


Work through the courses at your own pace. This allows you to spend more time on areas in which you need more support.


Training includes video tutorials, step by step instructions, interactives, and assessments. It appeals to all types of learners.


Access our entire asynchronous course catalog, which includes over 3x the number of live offerings. It’s a cost effective way to explore more content.


Receive a certificate after completion of any course. This makes PD tracking a breeze and labels you as a NeuroMaker subject expert.

NeuroMaker e-learning

NeuroMaker e-learning is purchased by the seat so there is no cap. Buy as many seats for your teachers and staff as you’d like.

NeuroMaker live training

We cap our NeuroMaker live training at 3 participants to ensure that we can tailor and differentiate our lessons, ensure learning retention, and preserve the bandwidth of all folks involved.

NeuroMaker e-learning

You can start your coursework with NeuroMaker e-learning as soon as your account is made and you’ve registered for your first course. Trust us – it’s quick!

NeuroMaker live training

We ask for a 14 day notice when scheduling a live training to ensure that we have the right people available for the job. We provide trainings between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST).


Looking for something outside our standard live training course offerings? Connect with your Implementation team to talk logistics!

Yes but…

the needs of each group we train may be different, and watching a recording is not a substitute for having a trainer on hand to answer your questions. That being said, if you want to purchase a recording held for your own district’s personnel, we are happy to oblige. Recordings are available for purchase for $250 per session.


You are about to have access to over 30 hours of expertly-crafted and thoughtfully-curated professional development courses. Read our Knowledge Article for step-by-step instructions on what to expect and how to get started.