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Set Up Your C++ Coding Environment

Welcome to programming the NeuroMaker Hand using C++ programming! In this project, we are going to set up the programming environment called the Arduino Editor we will use to program our NeuroMaker Hands!

Estimated Time

Approximately 30 to 60 minutes

Number of People

1-4 students for each available NeuroMaker Hand

Necessary Supplies

  • One MacOS, Windows or Chrome OS computer
  • One NeuroMaker Hand ready to be built! We won’t need a built hand for this project but will need a fully built NeuroMaker Hand in the next one!

Necessary Program Files

  • Not Necessary


  • Please ensure that the Arduino Create Agent and Arduino Online Editor are safe listed on your district firewall. Instructions for IT personnel is provided here: Arduino Editor Safe listing Guide


Our journey into text programming with C++ begins! Up until this point, you may have used block based programming tools or maybe never programmed anything in your life, much less programmed the motions of a robotic hand. Well fear not! In these series of projects, we are going to provide multiple projects that will introduce foundational concepts in physical computing that connect with biomedical engineering. Put in less nerdy words, we are going to experience how to program the tiny computer inside of your NeuroMaker Hand to produce motions, gestures and other helpful movements that model how real engineers create prosthetics for their patients.

In this first project, we are going to set up our software and pick up a few helpful hints and vocabulary that will guide us along our journey. Keep up with these projects and you’ll take your first steps into being a Biomedical Engineer!

Project Instructions

Please follow the instructions in the following presentation walkthrough! In case you programmed with mBlock or Scratch in the past, you’ll see a few ways our new programming system compares and contrasts to block based codding.

Set Up Your Programming Environment Walkthrough