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Build the NeuroMaker Hand

Build your first prosthetic hand! In this project, we will build the NeuroMaker Hand with a full walkthrough.

Estimated Time

Approximately 4 hours

Number of People

1 to 4 students per NeuroMaker Hand

Necessary Supplies

  • One NeuroMaker Hand Kit per project group.
  • One 9V Battery (included with NeuroMaker Hand)
  • 4 1.5V AA Batteries (Included with NeuroMaker Hand)

Necessary Program Files

None needed.

Pre Check Items

There is more than one kind of NeuroMaker Hand hardware out in the world! Please pay special attention to the beginning of our assembly guide to make sure you are using the correct instructions.

In case you wish to deliver this project as a class unit, please login to your User Portal and access Module 1 of NeuroMaker’s HAND curriculum.


The NeuroMaker Hand is the original prototype of the real world BrainRobotics prosthetic! This hardware has tested numerous design tests, brain computer interface concepts and other lab experiments. You can learn about the BrainRobotics prosthetic hand here or learn more about the creation and design of our hardware here.

Table of Contents

Project Instructions

It’s as simple as these instructions! Please follow the below instructions and use our video tutorial as a reference.

In case you run into any issues at the end of your build, please check out our NeuroMaker Hand FAQ.

View or Download PDF Assembly Instructions

NeuroMaker Hand Assembly Video

For hands the correspond with pages 3-77 of the build guide.

NeuroMaker STEM Kit Assembly Video

For hands they correspond with pages 78-151 of the build guide.

Next Projects

With your build hand you are ready to take on all of our other projects! Control your newly built hand with an IR sensor, block or text programming or even artificial intelligence.