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Brainwave Controlled Hand

Create your own Brain Machine Interface System with your NeuroMaker BCI and NeuroMaker Hand!

Hand Headband Control

Estimated Time

First Time Set Up of All Materials: 2 Hours

Starting with Completed BCI Software and Hand Coding Tools: 30 Minutes

Number of People

1- 4 students per NeuroMaker Hand

Necessary Supplies

  • One fully build NeuroMaker Hand
  • (Included in the kit) UNO programming board
  • USB cable (Included in the kit)
  • A Mac/Windows computer with network access and USB port
  • A Set Up NeuroMaker BCI Unit fully charged

Necessary Program Files

NeuroMaker Hand Brainwave Controlled Hand File

Please note: This file is zipped. Please unzip this file first and then and drag the MBLOCK file into your MBlock Block Coding Environment.

Pre Check Items

  • NeuroMaker Hand is fully built
  • NeuroMaker BCI hardware is completely set up. You can find this under “Crimson Device Set Up” or “Focus 1 Device Set Up” depending on your device located on the main page of the NeuroMaker Curriculum Portal.


The true definition of Brain Computer Interface! Each BCI system is made up of three items: a device to measure brain signals, a computing machine to process these and an external item to be controlled. Using NeuroMaker technology, we will learn how to control each three of these items by controlling your own prosthetic hand with your brainwaves! This was the first prototype our BrainRobotics team ever assembled to assess the possibilities of our Brain Computer Interface technology. Now, we’d like to share this with you and see all of the amazing things you can create with it.

Table of Contents

Project Instructions

See our full video description below! This video tutorial goes through the full set up of mBlock and BCI tools. If you have these materials ready, please skip to the 5:30 timestamp. Happy coding!