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IR Sensor Control

You can control your NeuroMaker Hand using an infrared sensor and your pre-programmed board!

Estimated Time

1 Hour

Number of People

1- 4 students per NeuroMaker Hand

Necessary Supplies

  • One fully build NeuroMaker Hand (instructions here)
  • Installed Demo Board
  • IR Controller with battery

Necessary Program Files

Not Needed

Pre Check Items


We use all kinds of different control methods to test out different movements of our prosthetics. One of the simplest ways we can achieve wireless control of our prosthetic hands is through infrared sensors. These sensors will take in signals generated for a provided IR controller and will tell the hand what to do with different information. This is the most popular way we work with prototypes in the lab and we hope you will enjoy it just like us!

Table of Contents

Project Instructions

It is critical to make sure that your NeuroMaker hand is built properly and all the functions are normal. Carefully go through this self-diagnose guide after the completion of the assembly. The most commonly asked questions and mistakes are covered to make sure that your hand is ready to move on to more advanced tasks.

Please see our FAQ section in case you need to double check your build!

Adjust your IR sensor to get the best signal. Other components can sometimes block the signal. Start the adjustment by putting the front of the IR remote to touch the circled area of the front clear acrylic board. Carefully twist or adjust the angle of the receiving end of the IR sensor.

Get familiar with the functions of each button.

Experiment from number 0 to 9.

What are their gestures?

Now it’s time to put your hand to use! We will do several gestures and test the grips of your hand! 


Grip 1: Tip pinch/ side pinch 

Most common gesture used for small objects, like coins and cards.

Move the thumb first (press button 1), place the item between the index finger and the top of the thumb, then close the index finger by pressing button 2. (For larger or heavier objects, close middle finger as well, by pressing 3)

Grip2: 5-Finger Grab

Used for grabbing large or fragile objects, like bottles and eggs.

Place the item on the palm of the hand, then close the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. ( Buttons 2-5 ). Then close the thumb by pressing button 1.

Grip 3: Hook Lift Gesture

Used for lifting objects vertically.

Close the thumb by pressing 1. Place the handle of the object in the center of the palm and then close the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger ( Buttons 2-5 ).