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Build a Voice Activated Hand with AI

You can control the movement of your hand with real time audio input!

Estimated Time

1 Hour

Number of People

1- 4 students per NeuroMaker Hand

Necessary Supplies

  • One fully build NeuroMaker Hand
  • (Included in the kit) UNO programming board
  • USB cable (Included in the kit)
  • A Mac/Windows computer with network access and USB port

Necessary Program Files

mBlock Sample File

Please note: The programming file provided above must be downloaded and then dragged into your mBlock workspace to view the same screen shown in the video below.

Pre Check Items

  • The NeuroMaker Hand is fully built
  • Both 9V and AA batteries are installed
  • A Mac/Windows computer or Chromebook with network access and USB port
  • mBlock software is ready to be used on the desktop. See Building Your First Program for setup.
  • Please note the best results will be achieved with the mBlock desktop client


Prosthetics control takes many forms. While many advanced prosthetics will use actual muscle signals or other biometric data, prototyping in the lab uses many other techniques. One of the simplest ways to integrate AI into our hardware is through voice and video signals. Much of the prototyping of the BrainRobotics Hand happened through voice control and IR control. Start with our tutorial below and see what other creations you can make!

Table of Contents

Project Instructions

View our Video Tutorial below for a full walkthrough and set up!