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Grab a Cup with the NeuroMaker Hand

Welcome to programming the NeuroMaker Hand using C++ programming! In this project, we are going to create sample code that will allow us to make finger movements that will allow us to grasp a cup and other wider objects!

Estimated Time

Approximately 1 hour

Number of People

1-4 students for each available NeuroMaker Hand

Necessary Supplies

  • One fully built NeuroMaker Hand
  • One MacOS, Windows or Chrome OS computer
  • Arduino Online Editor with Arduino Create Agent fully installed
  • A cup made of paper, plastic or other light material

Necessary Program Files

  • Please see the code breakdown in the below instructions


  • Please ensure that the NeuroMaker Hand has working batteries. Additional power lights on the power board of the Hand should turn on when the on/off switch has been turn on. If your fingers move erratically or don’t move it all after uploading the below code this could mean that your batteries are running low.
  • Please ensure that the Arduino Create Agent and Arduino Online Editor are safe listed on your district firewall. Instructions for IT personnel is provided here: Arduino Editor Safe listing Guide
  • In case you have not yet installed the Arduino Editor, please complete the Set Up C++ Coding Environment Project


If you completed the project to grasp a pen, you will now be introduced to a new kind of grip! Instead of the pinch grip we used to pick up a pen, we will now need to employ a new kind of grip in order to pick up wider and bulkier objects. In order for the human hand to comfortably and securely grasp a larger object, we will need to use all 5 of our fingers. Luckily, in this project we are going to code a grip that will allow us to do just this! The power grip we will code into our model prosthetic hand will allow us to have a stronger grip on objects that require more force to stay in a particular position.

Project Instructions

Please follow the instructions in the following presentation walkthrough!

Grab a Cup with the NeuroMaker Hand Walkthrough

*Please note, in case objects slip out of your NeuroMaker Hand, consider adding some friction to the fingers with a rubber glove, tape or other materials.

For your convenience, the code in this project has been provided below:

This  program lets the hand grab a cup.

//include the servo library to control the servo motors
#include <Servo.h>

//create 5 servos in an array
Servo servos[5];

//set up servo motors of fingers//set up servo motors of fingers

void setup() {
  //servos 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 move the thumb, index, middle, ring, and pinkie fingers respectively.
  //start with all fingers up 
  //wait 3 sec (at this point, place cup by the palm)

void closeHand() {
  //servos close all the fingers to wrap around cup

void openHand() {
  //fingers open up

void loop() {
  //close hand around cup