Joshua Varela

Director of NeuroMaker Revenue
Brief info

Joshua was passionate about student advocacy at a young age as a senior in high school was the student member for the panel for educational policy for the NYC department of education. In addition, Joshua counited his advocacy work as a consultant for multiple education organizations . Joshua’s passion has always been connecting the dots between access and technology. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo, Joshua worked for Samsung Electronics America. While receiving his Master’s degree from the New School, Joshua leveraged his understanding of access and technology to create educational technology workshops and certificates for Samsung. At NeuroMaker, Joshua has worked with district leaders to connect those same dots to develop sustainably and equitably programs.

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New York –

Jamestown, New York looks to prepare its high school students for the jobs of tomorrow through engaging classroom experiences.
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Massachusetts –

  • Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) grant from the state allows a district to use STEM to teach about the societal impact technology plays
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  • Holyoke Community College conducts a multi-week summer enrichment STEM program for accelerated youth at the high school level.
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  • Vinci Robotics Academy after-school center conducted 3 separate hybrid learning and in-person enrichment programs.
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