The Need for Extra Support: Why NeuroMaker e-learning should be a non-negotiable add-on

The Need for Extra Support: Why NeuroMaker e-learning should be a non-negotiable add-on

We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty!

Have you gotten any calls like that recently? They’re annoying, aren’t they? Well, NeuroMaker isn’t the one spamming you, but we do believe in an added layer of service. While we promise we had nothing to do with the rattling noise in your car, we do have something to offer. We think you should purchase NeuroMaker e-learning, and here’s why:

Just like a car’s extended warranty, NeuroMaker’s e-learning, our catalog of asynchronous virtual training and product support, is designed to send you off our “lot” feeling extra protected and fully supported. Sure, you could buy the car and then hope for the best, but doesn’t that warranty give such incredible peace of mind? 

NeuroMaker e-learning operates via the same concept. After schools purchase our HAND and BCI technology, educators are sent into the real world with a pat on the back and the old, “You’ve got this!” sentiment. By spending a little extra money and purchasing our asynchronous Professional Development (PD), those same educators could be leaving the point of sale feeling prepared, properly trained, and ready to take on the world.

50 hours of course work (and counting)

NeuroMaker e-learning boasts incredible value. For one low price per seat, educators will find that virtual training is flexible. Courses can be accessed shortly after registration and completed anytime, anywhere. After all, there’s no need to be constrained to a 9-5 training day when your courses are self-paced! Asynchronous PD is also efficient. You can breeze through areas in which you’re already comfortable and spend more time in the space where you might need more assistance. E-learning appeals to all types of learners with various modalities; you’ll find step by step instructions, interactives, video tutorials, and assessments. Our asynchronous portal boasts over 5 times the variety of courses we offer live, allowing you to get the best bang for your buck. We also offer instant certification for learners who earn a passing score on course assessments.

The uniqueness of our course offerings is second to none. Through our portal, you’ll get all the product training you need, complete with Q&As for the most efficient troubleshooting. You can even learn more about artificial intelligence, girls in STEM, diversity, equity and inclusion, career connections, neuroscience, coding and programming, and supplemental topics like digital citizenship, effective online teaching, and making a website. 

Does this sound like a valuable add-on to your NeuroMaker product purchase? It should! NeuroMaker e-learning is a service no educator should leave home (er, school?) without. We stand behind our products and offer free support and implementation, but there’s nothing like having as-you-need-it product training and enriching industry information available at the click of a mouse.

NeuroMaker will never ring your cell phone during dinnertime, but the next time you do get a call from a blocked number, think fondly of us and consider purchasing a seat in our asynchronous platform. You won’t regret it.