What We’ve Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To

The NeuroMaker Team was busy during the summer of 2022. Each project we completed is engineered to provide you and your students and staff the best possible experience while using NeuroMaker materials.

We’re so glad you’re here. You will be, too.

NeuroMaker e-learning

NeuroMaker’s Implementation Team is delighted to announce their newest product for the EdDevelopment space, NeuroMaker e-learning.

Before you build, code, create, and discover with NeuroMaker, make sure you’re prepared with all the basics. We’re here to give you product training, targeted STEM and CTE professional development, and other educational content support.

While we’ll continue to offer our abbreviated library of live online offerings, we feel that e-learning is the best bang for your buck and covers a wider variety of topics in more detail than synchronous product training

Why choose NeuroMaker e-learning over live Zoom training? NeuroMaker e-learning is flexible, efficient, facilitates multimodality, and provides learners a variety of courses to best meet their professional development needs. Additionally, NeuroMaker e-learning provides participants an instant certification to verify the completion of their course work. We dare say you might even enjoy your experience and laugh a few times!

No matter which method of learning you choose, NeuroMaker is here to guide you through the implementation of your HAND and BCI hardware and software. Our dedicated support team and professional development experts are here to take the anxiety out of including cutting-edge technology in your classroom.

NeuroMaker’s Curriculum Revamp

Meanwhile, NeuroMaker’s Curriculum Team has been hard at work creating brand new teacher- and student-facing resources for teachers to use while delivering the curriculum they know and love. With modules spanning Biomedical Technology to Programming to Applied Artificial Intelligence, we have repackaged our high-quality, research-backed content to ensure it is teacher-friendly, accessible, and engaging. After all, we were teachers once, too! 

Each of the six revamped NeuroMaker HAND modules is now made up of a series of comprehensive lesson plans, one-page lesson plans, and slide decks. Gone are the days of document-hunting and hours of prep work. These three all-inclusive documents provide instructors the scaffolding and resources they need to make lesson planning, implementation, and assessment a breeze. 

The new NeuroMaker comprehensive lesson plans are a one-stop-shop for teachers. Each lesson plan contains clearly defined lesson objectives, supporting slide decks, digital and physical materials lists, standards support documentation, and highly detailed narration and discussion checkpoints to meet the needs of both brand new and seasoned educators. Student-facing resources like worksheets, vocabulary lists, infographics and articles, and assessment options are linked within these documents. How convenient! 

We also include one-page lesson plans that provide a high-level overview of the lesson and how it is situated within the larger module. Whether you are building out a semester-long scope and sequence, using prep time to quickly print student-facing resources, or just need a quick-planning resource the day of, the one-page lesson plan is there to help.

NeuroMaker’s Website Update

Last but not least on our list of exciting changes – our website update! If you’ve visited us in the past, you may notice some changes between then and now. We’ve reimagined our website to provide you a better experience when navigating through and to our content.

Our comprehensive Curriculum Portal gives teachers access to our curriculum, device set-up guides, and student projects all in a single easy-to-navigate place.

(We recommend bookmarking it!)

Interested in vetting materials before you buy? Navigate to your product of choice and review planning documents such as funding recommendations, master progressions, and custom highlights. We want you to feel as confident about our products as we do.