NeuroMaker partners with Fairview High School to bring biology to life

Ohio’s Fairview High School has launched a new freshman biology project that involves investigating how climate change affects the evolution of animals. According to educator Andy Bruening, the school’s projects on animal evolution were tired and in need of modernizing. In response, Bruening and fellow biology teacher, Colleen Sliwinski, created a project in which can choose to study either birds or primates and investigate how that animal is affected by climate change, where they live, and how they will have to evolve in response.

As part of the new project, the students incorporated the NeuroMaker HAND and 3D printing to bring to life potential adaptions that could benefit species threatened by climate change. According to Bruening, the school is using the NeuroMaker hands in as many different classes as possible including anatomy, physiology, and the innovation center. Of the NeuroMaker HAND Bruening said, “The robotics hands are just too cool not to have kids use them as frequently as possible.”

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